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JOBY GorillaPod® Mobile Vlogging Kit

The mobile vlogging kit is designed for aspiring instagrammers, YouTubers and TikTokers. Portable, lightweight and flexible, this kit is designed to go wherever the latest action is. Get instant visibility, whilst looking great at the same time, perfect for live videos and travel vlogs.

Get crisp audio with the included Wavo mobile mic and produce flawless skin tones with the Beamo Mini LED. Specifically aimed at iPhone users, you'll get everything you need to start your journey on great content creation. The package includes 3 key JOBY products: The GorillaPod™ Mobile Rig, the Beamo™ Mini LED and the Wavo™ Mobile microphone.

JOBY Tripod - JOBY PodZilla

Content creation has never been easier with the flexible PodZilla tripod. The Podzilla can be taken everywhere and is especially good for travelling, due to its rugged, aluminium core. The grippy rubber legs are adjustable, so recording on uneven terrain is a breeze.

The Podzilla medium kit comes with a GripTight 360 degrees phone mount, ideal for TikTok or Instagram videos in a hurry.

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JOBY microphone - The Wavo range

The Wavo microphone range are professional pieces of kit designed to enhance your voice, when vlogging, filming or broadcasting. It features a colourful pop filter, which prevents plosives from being heard in your voice. Sound your best and block out background sounds for enhanced professional content that is sure to impress your viewers and listeners.

Packed full of features, the wavo POD comes with a customisable desk stand that is easily removed. This allows the user to fit the microphone onto a tripod, or GorillaPod for enhanced stability. Other features include a 3.5mm / 1.37" latency-free headphone monitoring port, which is great for adjusting voice levels. The knob provides multiple functions, including headphone volume, gain adjustment and muting.

The wavo POD and wavo is ideal for bloggers and podcasters, get started on your creative journey today.

GorillaPod® Creator Kit

The JOBY GorillaPod Creator Kit has been designed with start-up content creators in mind. The kit includes the GorillaPod 1K legs, GripTight™ smartphone clamp, and Wavo™ Mobile microphone.

Designed for filming anywhere, this budget friendly kit provides flexibility for aspiring TikTok creators and Instagrammers. The GorillaPod flexi legs can wrap around most areas and the iPhone mount provides freedom for landscape or vertical shots. The clamp can also rotate 360 degrees, further improving filming capabilities.

The mount also includes superior shock isolation. Rycote’s InVision Broadcast & Film products are designed for discreet, low-profile boom mounted use in broadcast environments where full basket windshielding is not required.

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Wavo™ Microphone

Wavo™ POD Microphone

TelePod™ Mobile

Beamo™ Ring Light

Beamo™ LED

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