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Decoded iphone cases are designed for people on the go, with the 2-in-1 detachable wallet and a protective, durable cover. ... Easily access your phone and cards in one easy flip, perfect for commuting and quick shopping trips. Easy to charge, the integrated MagSafe magnets on the back cover, makes wireless charging faster and easier than ever before.

Decoded knows that convenience and simplisticity are important when it comes to case design.

With a range of cases to choose from; iPhone 14 cases, iPhone 13 cases, iPhone 14 pro cases and more, protect your iPhone with quality cases from Decoded.

ECCO: Quality Leather, quality design

All Decoded cases are designed with ECCO aniline leather. Aniline leather is suited for luxury accessories due to its natural features that excels its appearance. ... Since it is generally produced from full-grain leather, it is the most natural looking of all the leathers. It is both soft and supple due to the lack of extra processing and coatings.

As well as the ECCO leather, all Decoded cases include an impact-resistant PC cover. With raised edges to protect the screen. On the inside of the phone case, the inlay pattern has been updated with geometric lines and shades made of microfiber. This ensures that the back of your phone also remains well protected.

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