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Theragun percussive therapy devices effectively relieve pain, accelerate recovery, and improve performance. Treat sore muscles post work-out to accelerate muscle repair and recovery with the Theragun.

Theragun Elite & theragun mini banner imageTheragun Elite & theragun mini banner image

Theragun Elite in useTheragun Elite in use


Theragun massage guns are designed for enhanced daily wellness. Our range of percussive therapy devices effectively relieves pain and accelerates recovery and treats sore muscles post work-out. Easy to use, all devices connect and link to various educational platforms, that guide you on the best way to use our products. From the Therabody app, Therabody University, and podcast, there are multiple solutions to help you own your routines, methods, and overall wellness journey.


One of our bestsellers, The Theragun mini, is a portable treatment packed with power. Packed full of features, the smart vibrating tool provides powerful vibration frequencies, in 3 vibration settings. Easy to adjust to your comfort level, use the ergonomic grip to help release soreness and tension. The mini is an ideal tool to use wherever and whenever, as it's remarkably quiet, with a brushless motor that delivers QuietForce Technology.™


Other items in our range includes the Theragun wave, Theragun prime and the Theragun Elite, as well as the Wave Roller, Wave Solo and Wave Duo.


The Wave series features innovative wave texture and wave grooves that work deep into hard-to-reach areas, while the innovative QuietRoll Technology™ effectively mutes sound. Each Wave product is designed for specific areas of the body, providing the ultimate therapeutic experience.

Theragun staff members discuss the benefits of percussive massageTheragun staff members discuss the benefits of percussive massage

Therabody. Wave series.

Theragun Wave series in useTheragun Wave series in use

Wave Solo.

Ultra-portable, pinpointed
vibrating roller

Theragun Wave series in useTheragun Wave series in use

Wave Duo.

Contoured to the back, spine,
and neck.

Theragun Wave series in useTheragun Wave series in use

Wave Roller.

A full-body roller for
large muscle groups.

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