Affordable and Sustainable

Affordable and Sustainable
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By Nick Acton
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Affordable and Sustainable

Past, Present and Future – Why Apple is the best choice for education.

Preparing children for life beyond school is a vital part of education. Digital devices are intrinsically linked to all our futures, and so making the right technological choice is paramount. Ultimately, every post-primary school will ask the same questions. Does the technology have a proven track record? What is the best option for our classrooms right now? Which devices will stand the test of time?

At Select, we can answer every question and support schools to make the best possible choice. As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist, we partner with schools to create a more affordable and sustainable future.


In years gone by it was not uncommon to find broken or obsolete machines in every classroom coupled with devices that did work but were slow and unreliable. Unsustainable products ended up costing schools far more money in the long run. iPad and Mac undeniably changed the landscape. Apple’s instantly accessible, mobile, and intuitive technology has made an incredible impact in the classroom. Sustainable and hardwearing materials mixed with future-proof design (with fewer moving parts), mean that the technology easily outlives its counterparts. During the pandemic, every teacher and student tackled the murky waters of online learning. Schools with Apple technology could seamlessly engage with a range of digital workflow tools such as Google Classroom, Microsoft OneNote, Showbie or Schoology. Those without unintentionally limited their teachers and learners.


Technology is now more important than ever. Students need devices that can match their digital skills and help stretch their imaginations. iPad and Mac provide all the power a learner or teacher will ever need. Multimedia capabilities increase accessibility, and it also enables students to approach objectives in their own way. This coupled with a whole world of engaging education apps makes for an incredibly personalised learning experience. Wireless mirroring and instantaneous content capture, allow teachers to model good practice and create deeply engaging explanation videos. Technology that doesn’t match up to fast-paced teaching and learning simply begins to be used less and less. Not providing future-proof technology results in schools stepping back into the past and not reaching the full potential of their investment.


Choose technology that can grow and adapt. Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation and will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the classroom. As learners or teachers progress, their iPad and Mac can progress with them. New apps, new approaches, new features. At Select, we always keep one eye on the future ensuring that we can support schools when the next big step forward comes. Through bespoke Apple Professional Learning, Technological Leadership courses and evolving online training platforms, every teacher and student can continue to improve their skillset and stride confidently into the future. Ongoing affordability through flexible finance options and a range of devices means that schools can continue to invest in Apple technology, knowing that they can keep up to date. Less and less money will need to be spent on other ‘one use’ pieces of technology as the iPad and Mac continue to combine all sorts of different devices into one place. Paperless classrooms are becoming a reality and the future looks far more sustainable with the right technology in the right hands.         


It's easy to forget how far technological teaching and learning have progressed. Technology is now a part of every subject, and in a short time, digital tools have become part of day-to-day classroom practice. The question is no longer, ‘Why technology?’ The question is ‘Which technology?’. The only logical answer to this question is Apple. No matter where you are on your Apple journey, we can help you overcome the technological barriers of the past, improve your current practice, and ensure a more sustainable future. 

Classroom bundles

Select’s classroom bundles combine everything you need to embed class sets of iPad into your school. We even include training as part of the bundle to support teachers and maximise the technology’s potential.


What's included in the bundle: 16/30 9th Gen iPad 10.2 inch Wifi 64GB

·      16/30 Rugged iPad cases

·      A charge store unit

·      A safe environment solution

·      Education remote set-up

·      Access to Apple Professional Learning Support

·      Subscriptions to Select Academy


When you choose Apple, you choose sustainable technology with the power to transform classroom practice for the better.

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