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Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) projects are an essential aspect of the new Junior Cycle. They provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their learning away from the exam hall. Apple devices can provide your students with the best possible technological tools available for CBA projects. They provide a platform for creative digital learning that can extend far past the classroom. The multi-media nature of iPad means that learning can be presented in a number of different ways. Use the camera to film scientific processes or convey your learning via a Podcast.

A never-ending list of engaging and creative apps can then help students to customise or enhance their projects. For the Music CBA, apps like Garageband make it really manageable for students to compose and record in the classroom, while for the English oral communication CBA, the ability for students to record themselves present the task and watch back the videos allows for really valuable self-assessment. For other CBA subjects, iPad is particularly useful for research. Students can research topics themselves and present their findings through formats such as Podcasts, iMovie or Keynote. Through this process, students are far more engaged with the content.

The fact that iPad is as mobile as it is powerful, means that all students can add to their work wherever and whenever they need to. Collaboration features make it easy to work in groups and create content together. When it’s time to hand in the digital projects, Airdrop, Schoolwork, iCloud and other platforms provide simple ways for teachers to collect and collate the work. Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive can be used to store and share projects also. Student feedback is also greatly enhanced for students using iPad. They can receive a mix of written and aural feedback from the teacher online throughout the CBA process. All this, on reliable, engaging and intuitive technology. What more could you ask for?

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