Celbridge Community School– Leading with learning

Celbridge Community School worked with Select to transform their teaching and learning landscape. Through a comprehensive deployment of iPad; ongoing professional development and forward thinking internal leadership, Celbridge Community School have provided personalised learning opportunities for every student and broadened teaching horizons.

  • iPad 1:1
  • Every Teacher has a MacBook
  • Apple TV fitted in Classrooms
  • Safe Environment Device Management Solution (Jamf School)
  • Ongoing Apple Professional Learning
  • Select Academy (online training platform)
  • Apple Financial Services (leasing)

Transforming teaching with iPad

With the correct tools at their fingertips, Teachers can confidently plan and teach technologically enriched lessons. At Select, we support the development and ongoing progression of digital skills so that teachers can enhance their own individualised practice. This results in innovative classrooms full of exciting educational experiences.

Transforming learning with iPad

We place learning at the centre of everything we do and so does Celbridge Community School. Putting an iPad in the hands of every learner has enabled students to take ownership over their education. The technology heightens creativity, transforms productivity, enhances accessibility, and broadens student collaborations amongst a million more things.

Supporting teachers through professional development

Select collaborate with teachers to create bespoke Apple Professional Learning that builds digital confidence and ensures the technology is used to its full potential. Alongside this, Select Academy (our online platform) enables teachers to learn in their own time. These unique professional development experiences result in tangible and measurable positive impacts.

Taking teaching further with Apple Classroom

At Select, we provide schools with solutions that work for them. Specific suites of educational apps and different levels of security can be deployed to ensure a safe technological environment. For example, Apple Classroom enables teachers to monitor iPad work; guide learners from app to app and manage behaviour in one simple-to-use application.

Integrating iPad into the learning environment

We offer the complete solution for schools. Select support Celbridge Community School at each stage from acquiring the technology to technically setting up the devices, through to handing iPad out to every student each year. Our ongoing collaborations on a technical, pedagogical, and practical level will only deepen as their evolving technological vision continues to enhance education in the school.

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