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Select Tech Support's most common queries. 

. 38% Updating of software
. 32% Software refresh
. 24% New device setup
. 6% Device won't charge

Remote and in-store technical support for your team's Apple devices. Facilitated by dedicated Apple Gurus, Select Tech Support is an appointment-based remote and in-store business support service. The one-to-one support is delivered at a time that suits your employees. All your team need to do is simply book their appointment and our experts will contact them to solve your Apple hardware or software issue.  

No queuing, no automated responses and your business only pays when the service is used . 

Remote support

Your employee can now access Select Tech Support both in the office and from the comfort of their own home. They simply book a video or phone call with our team through our tech support booking system and our experts will get in touch.  

Whether your staff are struggling to connect their work laptop to other devices, having software issues or simply need some device set-up guidance our team is on hand to support them.  

It's as simple as...


Book an appointment via the website.

Click here to book now


Before their appointment, they’ll receive an SMS.


Click the link in the SMS and enter a 4-digit pin to join the call.

In-store support, exclusive to Select

A real game changer for your business is our in-store support. If your team would prefer in-person support, they can visit one of over 30 locations across the UK and Ireland. Find your local store HERE

The support guru will meet them in-store at a dedicated support space and will take them through the set-up or support you need.  

What does Select Tech Support include?

Benefit from unlimited access to:

  • Advanced set-up of your new device
  • Migrating data from Android to iOS (iPhone and iPad only) 
  • Transferring data from legacy devices (iPhone and iPad only)  
  • Mac-to-Mac data transfer (Mac only) 
  • Hardware care including port and speaker cleaning 
  • Erase and reinstall of device’s operating systems 
  • Connectivity setup and troubleshooting for printers, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 
  • Troubleshooting software and iCloud 
  • iCloud Backup and Restore 
  • 1:1 tutorials on Apple operating systems and applications 
  • And much more...
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