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HORIZON pro 2200LM

Let the XGIMI HORIZON Pro take your home cinema to startling new levels of detail. Suitable for screens up to 200”, with resolution up to 3840x2160 in eye-popping 4K. Every scene is bolstered by the X-VUE 2.0 Image Engine, powering lifelike colour and clarity, with a 1.07 billion colour display and an impressive 110 DCI-P3 gamut. All of this is ready to be viewed practically out-the-box, without having to wait for installation or projector mounting.

2200 ANSI Lumens, that’s the level of consistency the XGIMI HORIZON Pro Beamer can provide day-round. Bright colours stay bright so that you’re not confined to a dark cinema room. Keep the lights on and pick out rich contrast courtesy of HDR 10, ensuring 10 bit colour depth and an enhanced viewing experience. In-built optical sensors also adjust to the ambient light levels of your room, meaning you won’t have to lift a finger once the sun goes down.

Using industry leading automation, XGIMI HORIZON projectors feature intelligent screen correction technology. No longer will you have to manually inch the settings left or right to find the perfect angle or crystal clear focus. In a matter of seconds, the HORIZON Pro does all of this for you. Smart object detection can even align the image to the boundaries of your projector screen or scale to avoid obstructions. The best picture wherever you want it.

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Halo+ 900LM

Take the Halo wherever you go. No larger than 20cm in any direction, the Halo+ can easily fit into your rucksack, suitcase or bag for big-screen on-the-go entertainment.The 900 ANSI lumens bulb is amongst the brightest that portable projectors have to offer at its price point. Whether you’re at home, in the office or even outside, the 59W battery gives you up to 2.5 hours of enjoyment, enough for any modern movie, with dual in-built Harman/Kardon 5W speakers giving you the freedom to disconnect and go.

The Halo+ is capable of projecting on an enormous scale up to 200” screens (with optimal sizes between 60” and 120”). Luminous effects pop from the screen thanks to the X-VUE 2.0 image engine, which refines your display and revitalises it with vivid colour and precision. With unbeaten quality amongst Full HD 1080p portable projectors, you’ll really be able to see every detail thanks to rich contrasts HDR10 provides. Every edge appears sharper and every shade more defined. Fun-filled 3D is also supported.

Let XGIMI Halo+ portable projectors take the stress out of setting up your display. Featuring intelligent screen correction technology, this projector can detect obstructions, focus and align to the screen in a matter of seconds. Placeable anywhere in front of your intended surface within a +/-40° angle just let the auto Keystone correction do the rest. Great for setting up in rooms with limited floorspace where a direct placement might not be available. Square and in focus, there’s nothing left to do but sit back and relax.

MoGo 2 Pro

The XGimi MoGo 2 Pro crafts an ideal balance of supreme portability with high quality imaging. Usually, it’s one or the other but, thanks to this projector’s highly developed imaging tech and a super-compact size and weight, the MoGo 2 brings movie, sports and gaming nights to life.

Thanks to XPR technology, the MoGo 2 Pro scales up to 1080p resolution from its chip set. This makes it the perfect match for Blu-ray and many streaming and live TV (Full HD) programmes. With HDR compatibility, you also get the potential for more natural and lifelike colour, with less ‘washout’.

By portable projector standards, the MoGo 2 Pro delivers excellent brightness. This means that while it’s still best to have some shade in the room, it doesn’t have to be in complete darkness. The relatively high brightness also makes it ideal for big screen entertainment under the stars. Integral D65 colour temperature standard and 90% DCI-P3 colour gamut delivers excellent colour reproduction. Usually only found in larger projectors, this tech gives the picture depth and realism that’s often lacking in portable projectors.

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